Badlands National Park, USA - Vashlovani National Park

Badlands National Park - Vashlovani National Park

Badlands National Park is a sister park of Vashlovani National Park and is located in the US state of South Dakota. The soil of the park has been forming throughout millions of years by the processes influenced by water and wind. Badlands did not begin until a mere half a million years ago.

Temperature reaches up to 1000C during summer months, but in winter falls to -180C. The temperature varies throughout the day resulting a sudden change from sunny day to thunder and snow-storm.

Stretched on 99 000 ha Bedlands National Parks represents vast protected area of American mixed-grass prairie. National Park is a home to lots of species of flora and fauna including 200 species of birds, deer, swift fox, great horned sheep, and bison. We can also come across bats, rabbits and coyote. Quite often Waller’s gazelle and deer can be found especially near the picnic areas. Frog, toad and snake are represented from reptiles.

Badlands National Park is rich in ancient fossils and in paleontological point of view is considered to be very attractive and interesting place.

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