Mtirala National Park


Type:: cottage

Tell: +995 (593) 33 82 50

Address: village Chakvistavi

Parking: yes

Kitchen: can be ordered

Contact person: Irakli Gorjeladze

Mobile phone: +995 (593) 33 82 50

There are three cottages that can hold six or 2 persons. In total cottages accommodate 10 persons. Bathrooms are well arrainged.

Tourist shelter of Mtirala National Park

Address: Mtirala National Park

Contact Person: Teona Gvianidze

Tel: +995 577 10 18 89; 

Accommodation price (meals not included): 1 person 1 day 20 Gel. For pupils and students 10 Gel.

The tourist shelter can hold up to 8 persons. It is suggested to have sleeping bags with you.



Visitors Centre. Village Chakvistavi

Hotel Visitors Centre
Address: Village Chakvistavi
Contact Person: Lali Makharadze
Tel: +995 577 10 18 89
Price per night (inc. breakfast): 50 GEL

Hotel Visitors Centre offers its visitors 4 comfortable rooms with a maximum capacity of 8 people. The hotel’s bathrooms are in good repair.