Machakhela National Park

Machakhela National Park is located in Khelvachauri municipality, Autonomous Republic of Achara. Administration Building and visitor centre are situated in village Acharisagmarti.

Visitor Center:  village Acharisagmarti, Khelvachauri municipality


In the National Park area there are historical and cultural monuments: Arch bridges of different epoch, fortresses, wine presses. There are 3 easy, driving road integrated with pedestrian trails. Tourist routes can offer visitors to see alder groves, beech and chestnut forests. From “Mtavarangelozi” mountain visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of Batumi, river Machakhela gorge and delta of river and Black sea.


Tourist season lasts from May to October.

For more information, please contact

Nana Baujadze, Visitor Service Specialist; Tel: 595 08 60 75; E-mail: