Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park is located in the southwestern part of Georgia, in the Autonomous Republic of Achara and includes Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Keda municipalities. Mtirala National Park Administration Building is located in Daba Chakvi, the visitor centre is located in village Chakvistavi.

Administration Building: DabaChakvi, Megeneishvili street #13

Information Center: National Park entrance, 2 km from village Khala.

There are 2 marked and comfortable trails in Mtirala national Park. The territory offers hiking, horse riding and adventure tours. Visitors can use with extreme and entertaining service Zip-Line and can slide on 200m rope extended from one tree to another.

You can hire:

  • Zip-line: 15 Gel
  • Tent: 10Gel
  • Tent place: 5 Gel
  • Backpack: 5Gel
  • Sleeping bag: 5 Gel
  • Conference hall (50 persons): 100 Gel
  • Picnic area: 1 Picnic table (5 persons) -15 Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel;
  • Campsite: Per person - 5 Gel
  • Campsite for 20 person - 20 Gel
  • Horse rental: 1 day – 50 Gel; Contact persons: Khvicha Kontselidze; Tel: +995558 65 39 62; Merab Kontselidze; Tel: +995 593 61 28 50
  • Rope Park (for adults) - 15 Gel per person
  • Rope Park (family tour) - 20 Gel per person 

Tourist season lasts from May to October

  • The best period for bird watching: from the second half of  August - to October
  • Blooming period of endemic plants, pontic rhododendron and rhododendron ungernii: April-June, Woronow snowdrop:  from March- till the first half of April.
  • Zip-line: May-October



  • Tourist shelterprice: Per person - 20 Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel


For more information, please contact

  Neriman Ashlarba, Visitors Service Specialist, Tel: 577 10 18 89,