Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve Administration


 / Established in 1935 /
Director: Zviadi Tiginashvili
Tel: +995 599 85 92 92
Facebook: Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve Administration
Address: 15 Aghmashebeli St., Sagarejo


Mariamjvari Nature Reserve Administration includes: Mariamjvari Nature Reserve (1022,5 ha), Korugi Managed Reserve (2068 ha) and Iori Managed Reserve (2126.8 ha).

Mariamjvari State Nature Reserve is located on southern slopes of Cold-Gombori, north-east side of Sagarejo and north of village Antoki. Its total area amounts to 1022,5 ha. The allocation of Mariamjvari Nature Reserve was based on the conservation and maintenance of untouched landscapes of relict-sosnovski pine (Pinus Sosnowsky Nakai) of Caucasus, which does not have an analogue not only in Georgia, but abroad as well. Here are represented various forms (polymorphism) of pine trees which are separated by forest scientist as follows: pyramidal (Pinus Sosnowsky Nakai var. Pyramidalis Kurd.), compact (Pinus Sosnowsky Nakai var. Compacta Kurd.), oval (Pinus Sosnowsky Nakai var. Ovalus Kurd.), unmbrella type (Pinus Sosnowsky Nakai var. umbraculifera Kurd.).

Korugi Managed Reserve is located in south-eastern part of Sagarejo (1489 ha) and Gurjaani (579 ha) Municipalitie. The managed reserve territory is located in Iori gorge and represents narrow line with uneven shape, which runs from north-west to south-east. Managed Reserve Administrative building is located in # 2 quarter, which is 14 km away from Sagarejo and 64 km - from Tbilisi.

Iori Managed Reserve is located in outer Kakheti, on Signagi Administrative district, with a total area of 2126,8 ha. The forests of managed reserve are located in river Iori valley. It starts from irrigation channel through Korugi MR southern border and ends at Dali water reservoir near north border of Chachuna Managed Reserve. Managed reserve is bordered with Land foundation agricultural of Signagi district, mostly – pastures.

Managed Reserve territory is 30 km away from Signagi and 135 km - from Tbilisi.

The main reasons of creation of Korugi and Iori Managed Reserve are: unique floodplain forests (Korugi), Tugai type forests (Iori), protection and maintenance of flora and fauna.

How to get to the protected area

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