Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the LEPL Agency of Protected Areas is an advisory body created to ensure transparency, publicity and governance through democratic principles. The Council operates on a voluntary basis.

Main objectives – The main objective of the Council is to ensure cooperation between state, non-governmental and/or private entities in order to effectively manage Georgia’s protected areas and natural heritage, as well as implement joint activities to deal with problematic issues. It is also an objective of the Council to promote public involvement, improve mechanisms for public involvement and to issue appropriate recommendations to the Agency.

Management structure – The Advisory Council has a chairman who presides over council operation and meetings. Members of the Council are representatives of leading non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, local communities and experts who possess detailed knowledge of ongoing events in the sector. The Advisory Council is guided by and adheres to norms and provisions stipulated by Georgian legislation.

Meetings –Council meetings are held at least once every two months to discuss a variety of important and relevant issues, operations of the agency, development measures, as well as new ideas and initiatives.

Council members – The members’ list of the Council is approved by the order of the Chairman of the Agency. At present, there are 18 members in the Council.

Minutes of Meetings of Advisory Council ARE available only in Georgian.