Tusheti Protected Areas Administration

/ Established in 2003 /

Visitors Service Specialist: Giorgi Bakuridze Tel: 577 10 18 92
e-mail: gio.bakuridze@gmail.com 

Facebook: Tusheti National Park
Address: Village lower Alvani, Akhmeta Municipality

Tusheti Nature Reserve and National Park is managed by Tusheti Protected Areas Administration, which is located in Akhmeta municipality, village lower Alvani, and summer administration in Tusheti, village Omalo.

National Park is located in the administrative building of protected areas, with integrated hotel rooms for visitors, cafeteria and visitor center with exhibition and conference hall, interpretation and information boards. Visitors can plan various types of tour for Tusheti sights and gain information on existing services.

Visitors on Tusheti PAs can have different tourist services such as: hotel services, hiring guides, horses. Equipment rental is also possible. Tusheti PAs has 11 functioning tourist routes, giving visitors the opportunity to observe and become part of unique historical-cultural and natural landscapes of Tusheti. Tusheti touristic season lasts for couple of months – from June to October.

How to Get to the Protected Areas



Additional Sightseeing of the Region

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