Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

Attraction: it is a small lake created by the carbon dioxide filled upward stream flowing to the surface from carbonate rocks of Upper Jurassic period. The lake "boils" loudly from carbon dioxide bubbles. The debit of the stream is 2.5 liters per 24 hours. The total surface area of the lake is 0.04 ha. The extraction of gas in not so windy weather causes carbon dioxide to accumulate in lower layers. Small animals suffocate when they get near the lake, which is why you may come across dead animals, such as: mice, lizards, frogs and some birds.

Location: Kazbegi Municipality, Truso Gorge, left bank of River Terek, to the east from Village Abano, at an altitude of 2,127 m above sea level.

Coordinates: X: 452581 Y: 4715247

How to get there: the nearest populated areas are villages Keterisi and Abano (where locals stay only seasonally), and village Kobi is situated little farther, which is 136 km away from Tbilisi. Travel to Kobi from Tbilisi will take 2 hrs and 10 min.

Village Kobi – Abano Lake Natural Monument – 18.6 km dirt road. Length of the trip – 1 hour and Stepantsminda Borough – Abano Lake Natural Monument – 35 km, from which 17 km is a paved road and 18 km – dirt road. Length of the trip – 2 hours;
Village Keterisi – Natural Monument – 2.8 km, you must use the detour pedestrian/horse road on Terek River. Length of the trip – 30 min.

Where to stay: the best available option is to stay in Stepantsminda Bourough, where you can stay at a hotel.

Contact Information: Kazbegi National Park Administration
Tel: +995 577 96 11 88
E-mail: info@apa.gov.ge / otsamalaidze@apa.gov.ge 

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