Chachuna Managed Reserve Administration

/ Established in 1965 /

Director: Nodar Teteloshvili
Tel: 577 101 811
Facebook: Chachuna Managed Reserve Administration
Address: 5 Baratashvili St., Dedoplistskaro

Chachuna Managed Reserve is located in the extreme south-eatern part of Georgia, on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan in Dedoplistskaro municipality. The Managed Reserve is mainly represented with arid and semi-arid types of flora and fauna. Unity of landscapes and vegetation characteristic to floodplain and arid-semiarid systems contribute to diversity of fauna.

Introduction of unique flora and fauna characteristic to arid and semi-arid ecosystems is rather interesting for visitors. There are arranged so called “glancing means” for bird observation.

Overnight is available in guest rooms of administrative building of protected area, where receipt of 12 visitors at the same time are provided.


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