Kintrishi Protected Areas Administration

/ Established in 1959 /

Visitors Service Specialist: Nana Noghaideli Tel: 577 59 21 12

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Address: 4 Leselidze St., Kobuleti

Kintrishi Protected Areas is located in Adjara Autonomous Republic (Kobuleti Municipality) with a total area of 13,893 ha. It is located in a picturesque valley of the river Kintrishi, between village Tskhemvani and Khino Mountains, at an altitude of 300-2,500 meters above sea level. Protected areas are bordered with Kobuleti forest administration from the north, Shuakhevi municipality area from the east, Qeda municipality from the south and Mtirala National Park from the south-west. Kintrishi Protected Areas Administration manages two different types of protected areas – State Nature Reserve and Protected Landscape. Kintrishi State Nature Reserve was established in 1959 and its purpose is to protect relict forest and endemic species, flora and fauna of Shuamta.

 Protected Landscape was established in 2007 on basis of Kintrishi State Nature Reserve: the total area of nature reserve is 10,703 ha, and protected landscape amounts to 3,190 ha. Kintrishi PAs offers their visitors two tourist trails, both on foot and on a horse. Tourist trails are located 300-2,000 meters above sea level. Picnic and camping places are arranged along trails, fire spots are also allocated. Visitors can visit the area at any time of the year. Visitors center of PAs will help you to organize guide, horse and local transport. 

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