Vashlovani Protected Areas Additional Sightseeing in the Region

Vashlovani Protected Areas is distinguished with numerous historic and cultural monuments, such as: St. Elias Church (V); VI century Khornabuji City-Fortress in Dedoplistskaro; Dedoplistskaro Cave Complex, the domed Church of the Ascention (X c.) near village Ozaani; remains of 5 thousand years old Kambisena archaeological monument; archaeological centre in village Tavtskaro and Pirosmani Museum in village Mirzaani (where many works by Pirosmani ar exhibited); Bodbe and Khirsa Monasteries (Sighnaghi Municipality). 

Vashlovani is home to old human civilizations. You can find remains of ancient cities and villages (City of Khoranta, villages Upadara and Kaladara), as well as churches (remains of Black Mountain Monastery) and fortification structures (Samukhi V century city-fortress remains; Pantishara and Mijnis Bay watchtowers). In addition, more notable sightseeing of the region are the following: 

  • 5th century Khornabuji Fortress (founded by King Vakhtang Gorgasali). It is located 4 km north from Dedoplistkaro Municipality Centre on steep limestone rocks. Travel from municipality centre to the city-fortress takes 15 minutes by car. It is possible to hike up the fortress on foot. Photo Gallery
  • V-VI century St. Elias Church on Mount Elias. It is located 3 km to the south from Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre, on limestone rock of Mount Elias.Travel from municipality centre to Mount Elias takes 10 minutes. It is possible to walk up to the church, which is built in the middle of the rock at a height of 60 m. Photo Gallery 
  • The domed Church of the Ascention (X century) near village Ozaani, which is decorated by unique frescoes that date back to X century. The church is located 19 km to the north-east of Dedoplistskaro Municipality center in a broad-leaved forest. Travel from the municipality centre to the church takes 30 minutes. Photo Gallery 
  • The domed Church of Seraphoim of Sarov (XVIII) in village Samreklo. The church is located 3 km to the east of the municipality centre. Travel to the church by car takes 10 minutes. Photo Gallery
  • The unique Complex of Bodbe Convent (V) - where the relics of St. Nino lie at St. George Church (is fully decorated with frescoes). The convent is located 30 km to the north-west of Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre, on the eastern edge of Gombori ridge. Travel from municipality centre to the convent takes 40 minutes. Photo Gallery
  • Khirsa Monastic Complex (VIII), where the burial place of Stephen of Khirsa (one of the Assyrian Fathers) is located. The monastery is located 25 km to the north of Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre, in the southern part of Alazani Valley, on a hiltop. Travel from municipality centre to the church takes 30 minutes. Photo Gallery
  • Dedoplistskaro Cave Complex (X-XI), rock carved temple, which is decorated with frescoe ornaments. The complex is located 20 km to the south of Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre, on Iori plateau. Travel by care takes 30 minutes. It is possible to hike up to the temple by foot. Photo Gallery
  • Niko Pirosmanashvili State Museum in village Mirzaani (museum is a home to original works by Niko Pirosmani). The museum is 25 km to the north-west from Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre. Travel by car takes 30 minutes. Photo Gallery